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Mitchell Arico

  • Mitchell Arico
    Mitchell Arico

    2006 - (Hons) Stem Cell Biology, Monash University

    2002 - Grad Cert – Molecular Biology, The University of Queensland

    2001 - BSc Biotechnology, Griffith University

    Mr Arico completed his honors degree in 2006 under the direction of a prominent Professor of Stem Cell Sciences at Monash University, researching definitive endoderm differentiation from human embryonic stem cells. His technical skills include: cell culture including human and mouse embryonic stem cells, in vitro cell differentiations using embryonic and adult stem cells, various imaging techniques, cell-based assays, flow cytometry, cell purification techniques, PCR, cloning and retroviral transfections. Mr Arico has a strong interest in tissue engineering technologies and the clinical use of stem cells. He performed research in Australia for several years and held positions at internationally recognized organizations such as the Queensland and Garvan Institutes of Medical Research. During this time his research focused on cancer immunotherapy and immunology, and he completed a project on in vitro differentiation of human follicular T helper cells. He has also worked in the private biotechnology sector in the area of molecular diagnostics. Mr Arico joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2011.