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James Sonne

  • James Sonne

    2013 - PhD Anatomy & Neurobiology, University of Kentucky

    2007 - BA Religion, University of the South

    Academic Background

    Professor Sonne is the Gross Anatomy and Neuroscience educator for University of Central Florida’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program where he also researches the effects of physical exercise on neurodegeneration and brain aging with neural involvement of the immune system and glia activation. His PhD research focused on translational studies on the prevention of Parkinson’s disease using a novel peptide delivered to the brain noninvasively by nasal spray. Professor Sonne holds certificates in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for Clinical Trials by the U.S. FDA, and was awarded a Graduate Teaching Certificate in the Human Anatomical Sciences in 2012 for his instructional work in MD, PA, and PT courses at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

    Publishing History

    Professor Sonne has authored 15 peer-reviewed publications and presented data at conferences across the United States. He has publications on the testing of novel peptide therapies for Parkinsonism in rodents, including the non-invasive nasal administration approach to bypass the blood–brain barrier. He also has interests in the neurobiology of free will and altruistic behavior, publishing on such topics in Frontiers in Psychology.

    Editing Experience

    Professor Sonne has edited manuscripts for students and colleagues since 2005, and is a reviewer for numerous journals, including Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy and Medical Education Online.

    Writing Experience

    Professor Sonne has authored a Photographic Dissector textbook with McGraw-Hill Medical Education.