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Zoe McKellar

  • Zoe McKellar
    Zoe McKellar

    2018 - PhD Geology, University of Aberdeen

    2014 - BSc (Hons) Geology-Petroleum Geology, University of Aberdeen

    Academic Background

    Dr McKellar is an experienced geologist in the fields of sedimentology, stratigraphy and tectonics. She has more than seven years of experience in conducting field studies, laboratory investigations, research, teaching, and public engagement. She has published work in international, high-impact journals, and communicated her research at international conferences. She is currently working on publishing research on the Caledonian Orogeny and the implications for fluvial sedimentation in the Caledonian foreland. She is experienced in sedimentology, tectonics, paleontology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, petrology, and provenance studies including detrital zircon geochronology and heavy mineral analysis.

    Publishing History

    As an early career researcher, Dr McKellar has published one paper as first author in a peer-reviewed journal, with another recently accepted and a third in the submission stage. A fourth first-author paper is in the early stages. She has presented her research at 11 international conferences.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr McKellar has reviewed and edited manuscripts for students at her previous institution, and has experience as a freelance scientific editor with particular focus on editing for non-native English speakers. She joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2020.

    Writing Experience

    Dr McKellar has nine years' experience in science writing for general audiences, writing blog posts and news articles for a range of media.