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Build your research publication knowledge in less time

Interactive guides, graphics, courses - all packed with research insight and publication know-how from research professionals.

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Find the best journal to publish in.

MY journal selector technology shows you the journals where your findings best contribute to the research story and is most likely to be accepted.

MY journal selector is constantly updated and you can search over 28,000 journals and 12 million abstracts

Find a journal for your research
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Plan, write, and register your protocol!

Step-by-step guidance to:

- Define your research question
- Develop your synopsis and PRISMA-P protocol
- Prepare a PROSPERO form for online registration

Start your protocol
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Write and collaborate online to create a journal-ready manuscript

Mentor-style guidance for writing every section of your manuscript using examples from real published papers.

Start from a global-standard template or upload your draft.

Write your manuscript in record time!
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Plan, execute, publish & promote your own systematic review!

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Solve your toughest challenges


Build knowledge in less time

Infographics and interactive guides help you quickly understand and apply key concepts. No boring content here!


Improve your toolkit

Connect ideas and collaborate with others. Tools for manuscript & protocol writing, journal selection, systematic reviews.
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Quickly find solutions

Content developed by researchers who understand your challenges - and it’s all searchable!


Experts on call

Manuscript editing, peer review support, or any research related task at special member-only prices

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Edanz Smart Tools

Skill-building resources

Discounted member-only services

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