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Helen Roberton

  • Helen Roberton
    Helen Roberton

    1996 - BSc (Hons) microbiology, University of Liverpool

    Academic Background

    Ms Roberton held laboratory research posts including at the University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a group studying lymphoid neoplasms and producing and characterizing antibodies specific to leukocyte associated proteins. Helen edits a variety of content in the STM field, with a particular interest in pharmaceutical drug safety, diabetes, cardiology and public health.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Ms Roberton is a former chief editor of the international, MEDLINE-indexed journal Drug Safety. Part of this role entailed detailed technical editing of manuscripts across a range of therapeutic areas. Having been the editor of an international journal, she has a thorough understanding of the publication process from submission to publication and what editors are looking for when deciding to accept a manuscript for publication. Helen has in-depth expertise in a broad variety of editorial work in the STM field, encompassing work for publishers including Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis and Radcliffe Cardiology. Helen’s expertise includes manuscript management and development, commissioning of review articles using specialist area expertise, copy and technical editing, management of the peer review process and journal selection.