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Mark Kurban

  • Mark Kurban
    Mark Kurban

    2007 - MSc Physics, California State University, Northridge

    1997 - BSc Astronomy, University of Southern California

    Academic Background

    Mr Kurban’s research has combined quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and solution chemistry as he has used electron paramagnetic resonance to study molecular motions in liquids. In the past he also conducted astrophysical research at Mount Wilson Observatory. He has published articles as first author and only author for both AIP and ACS journals, and when he was a senior editor for Edanz he gave presentations to professors and graduate students at Japanese universities on how to publish their research in international journals. Mr Kurban has also been an academic director and taught physics and mathematics in China. He specializes in teaching non-native English speakers how to express scientific concepts clearly and concisely in English.

    Publishing History

    Mr Kurban has published articles as first author and only author in the Journal of Chemical Physics and the Journal of Physical Chemistry A. His work has also been presented at the International EPR Symposium.

    Editing Experience

    Mr Kurban first joined Edanz as an editor in 2011 and was for some time a senior editor based in the company’s Japan office.